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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 

Asset service

Asset service: Asset manegement 

Our mission is to maximize our clients' post-tax income. To realize our mission, Asset manegement and Custody service.Freedom of product design is one of the strengths of a private bank.We recommend international diversification through discretionary accounts, but we will determine the investment method after meeting with our client.

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We are a private bank founded by partners by individuals with unlimited liability.Therefore, our  policy  ''Never lose funds at anytime '' is also reflected in the management of our clients' assets.Most of our clients are looking for ''Asset investment without losing money''. And that is consistent with our policy.Using time as leverage, we consistently increase client's assets over the long term.This is our concept of asset management.

Investment views and financial market data

Our responsibility

Our responsibility: Custody Service

The offshore area where we are based is a strength for the protection of our clients' assets.Not only the anonymity of client information, but also the low political and geopolitical risk is utterly important for private banks.We do our best to protect our clients' assets under the policy of ''Never lose funds at anytime''.

Trusted adviser

Trusted advisor: Our relationalship manager

At our private bank, one relationship manager is assigned to a client for life, unless the client says no.Therefore,we are committed to developing relationalship managers who earn the trust of our clients.We protect our clients with high ethical standards, design appropriate investment processes that enable them to sustain their investments over the long term, and build communication with them as their asset-building companions.

Selection of a Relational Ship Manager

The first criterion for selecting a good private bank is whether the person is excellent.In particular, with regard to relational ship managers who provide services to our clients, we consider them to be financial instruments in themselves. We require the following seven qualities from our relationship managers

1. Above a certain age
2. Extensive financial knowledge
3. Flexible and patient personalities
4. Advanced Coordination Skills
5. Basic knowledge of domestic and international legal and tax matters
6. Foreign language proficiency above a certain level
7. High standards of professional ethics


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