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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Maximize Client's Post-Tax Income. 

We want all of our clients to be free of financial stress and time constraints, and to be able to focus their energies on what they really want to do and live happily ever after. Through our global network, we want to realize our mission of '' Maximize Client's Post-Tax Income.'' We want our clients to pass on their assets to the next generation with peace of mind.


Our comittment

We want to build good, lifelong relationships with our clients. Thus, we are committed 6 things below.

1. See the person, not the money, of the client.
2. Build a process of trust, not just selling a profitable product.
3. Listen to the emotional side of the client before providing rational explanations.
4. Focus on subjective risk tolerance and help the client learn through the investment experience.
5. Be the best purchasing agent for the client, not your own sales agent when supplying products.
6. Put the client's best interests first and be a trusted advisor.

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About Nova

About NOVA

We are an independent investment firm founded by individual partners with unlimited liability, much like a traditional 200-year-old private bank. We manage  properly client's assets  and preserve assets to achieve our mission of maximizing our clients' post-tax income. 

Our first priority in asset management is not to reduce client's assets in the long term, and we avoid the following risks

1. Asset concentration
2. Credit risk
3. Currency risk
4. Inheritance tax risk
5. Inflation risk
6. Liquidity risk

In addition, we don't business in the following operations that put our own funds at risk.

1. Securities underwriting
2. Commercial lending: lending operations  (only makes loans secured by deposits)
3. Foreign exchange and securities dealing

Our main Services

1. Global portfolio management in a discretionary account
2. Custodia: custody of securities
3. Mutual fund operations
4. Currency Trading (FOREX)
5. Insurance advice
6. Loans secured by assets held in custody
7. Tax planning
8. Advisory services for acquisitions and divestitures
9. Non-financial support services


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