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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 

Our solution

Our solution: The ultimate concierge for the ultra-wealthy

That is our family office service, which is positioned as a more advanced service than our private banking service.The relationship manager teams up with an accountant or attorney who does tax planning and focuses only on one particular client.Family offices provide all the services our client need, however  primarily the following services

1. Asset Management
2. Custody Services
3. Consulting Services
4. Risk Management
5. Real Estate Services
6. Legal Services
7. Art collection and sale
8. Assistance with community service
9. Education for the Next Generation
10. Health Condition Support

Our mission: to maximize our clients' post-tax income. In order to realize this mission, we provide not only financial services (1-2) but also non-financial services (3-10).

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Individual and families

Individual and families: Our clients

Our clients are of two types: wealthy families who have been in the family for 200 years and who have built their wealth and status as founding executives.For both clients, there is no difference in the services we provide.Our mission is to maximize our clients' post-tax income. With this mission as our common goal, we build good relationships as advisors for life.

Strict account opening screening

We follow the traditional private bank policy ''Never choose clients from the street'' and have established criteria for opening client accounts.This is to avoid the risk of our anonymous accounts being used for criminal or money laundering activities.We use the following three criteria in our screening process

1. Personal character
2. Asset size
3. Needs/requests

In addition to the above, how did the client form the current asset? is important to us.Therefore, at least one or more references and an interview with us are required to open an account.

Thorough protection of customer information

Our strength is that we are an off-shore banking center. Above all, we are very strict in protecting our clients' information so that they can entrust their assets with peace of mind.We consider that our clients choose us just as we choose them.We believe that the protection of client information is as important to a proper private bank as the protection of assets.

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