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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 


As a global financial institution, we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service.


Stock Brokerage / Securities Brokerage
Financial Advisory 
Asset Management / Fund Management 
Custody Services / Transaction Clearing / Payment / Processing / 
Currency Trading (FOREX) /
Issuance of Securities / Underwriting of Securities


Stock Brokerage / Securities Brokerage /
Issuance of Securities / Underwriting of Securities

Brokers stocks and securities to global markets. We issue or underwrite securities based on customer requests.

Asset Management / Fund Management

We manage assets and funds based on contracts with customers.


Currency Trading (FOREX)

Perform foreign exchange trading. We also operate a CFD settlement company.

Financial Advisory / Custody Services / Transaction Clearing / Payment / Processing

Advise customers on financial matters. We take care of customers' assets and exercise rights on their behalf. Perform the clearing, payments, and processing necessary for transactions.
Asset protection
To protect an asset, you need to evaluate the risk and the value and type of the asset. We offer a wide range of options not available in your country. First, before embarking on an advanced plan to protect your personal property, you need to make sure you have a good and strong asset protection base. You need to put your assets in the right legal tools. In addition, the appropriate jurisdiction must be selected to achieve the required protection. You can diversify your assets within these legal tools of banks in jurisdictions that do not allow foreign judgments. It's pretty easy and quick to establish. In addition, doing so protects your assets and identities when doing business internationally. Let us know that these are your desires, and we will show you how.
Benefits of offshore investment
ーHigh yieldー
Yields vary greatly depending on the economic growth rate and GDP of each country. This is also proportional to the value of stocks and government bonds, and as a result, high yields can be expected when investing in areas with high economic growth rates over the long term.
ーMany investment productsー
There are many markets in the world with a large number of financial products and a very high level of financial infrastructure. Many financial products tend to produce better products, so there are many attractive products that you have never seen before.
ーCompound interest effect due to automatic dividend reinvestment systemー
For overseas offshore investment, the automatic reinvestment system of allocation is applied in most cases. Therefore, the compound interest effect works as in the case of overseas investment trusts, and the long-term yield is high.
Avoid risk
ーExchange fluctuation riskー
When investing abroad, you also have to worry about currency fluctuations. Foreign investment is basically traded in foreign currencies. At that time, the asset value will fluctuate due to fluctuations in the exchange rate.
ーCountry riskー
Country risk is not directly related to stakeholders such as investors, financial institutions, and investees, but is the risk of being damaged by the political circumstances of the country to which the financial institution belongs. There are risks such as changes in the national system due to terrorism and the change of government, the possibility of confiscation of assets in that country, and the difficulty of international transactions due to war and aggression. In addition, the value of the currency used may decrease.
ーRisk hedging method for foreign investmentー
There were two risks to foreign investment,foreign exchange fluctuation risk and country risk. However, these risks can be dealt with by taking proper measures.
ーMeasures against exchange fluctuation risk with long-term funded investmentー
Exchange rate fluctuation risk can be mitigated by making long-term, funded investments.
There will always be waves in stock price and exchange price movements. From the story of economic growth mentioned earlier, there are companies whose stock prices will fall in the short term, but if the average stock price is calculated in the long term, the risk of price decline will be reduced. Regarding the exchange rate, it is possible to return to the home currency at the right time.
Therefore, by making a long-term investment, you will be able to select the wave of exchange and stock prices at any time. However, in order to meet this condition, it is necessary to create a currency that does not have a risk of bankruptcy, or an index investment that combines multiple stocks and government bonds instead of individual stocks.
ーCheck the rating, find a stable country, and take measures against country riskー
Country risk is difficult to envision because it affects not only politics and the economy, but other factors as well. On the other hand, rating agencies such as S & P rate the creditworthiness of each country, so it can be used as a reference.
This credit rating measures how stable a country is economically, such as its political stability, high currency value, and its debt. The currencies of this highly rated country can be said to be relatively reassuring.
We provide investment products and solutions to our customers around the world. Investment management capabilities are innovative and diverse. No matter where you are in the world, we look to contribute to a better future for our customers.
The position of the asset management industry is expected to grow further in the future, as the market environment has improved and the use of asset management has been mentioned in new growth strategies. On the other hand, the responsibilities of the asset management industry, such as investor protection and tightening of international regulations, are increasing in response to the expanding market. In response to these changes facing the asset management industry, advanced solution services by professionals familiar with businesses around the world are required.
By sharing audits and advisories for funds such as asset management companies, trust banks, and investment trusts from the asset management sector such as limited liability audit firms, we are familiar with the asset management business, have a deep understanding of the high compliance required, and our clients. We provide the right solution for the risks and challenges you face.




NOVA CAPITAL is operated by NOVA CAPITAL LIMITED, a company incorporated in MWALI (MOHELI), Comoros Union under registered number HY00923040 and Trading License number T2023373 The company is entitled to provide the following services, Stock Brokerage, Securities Brokerage, Financial Advisory, Asset Management, Fund Management, Custody Services, Transaction Clearing, Payment Processing, Currency Trading (FOREX), Issuance of Securities, Underwriting of Securities, to customers, as by the International Brokerage Act, according to the accreditation issued by the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of Mwali, Comores Union, dated 01/02/2022.

Regulation & Safety of Funds

NOVA CAPITAL adheres to the strictly enforced principle of keeping all investor assets completely separate from the Company’s own funds. This program guarantees that client assets are not allocated for any other reason and are still open to investors. As a result, clients will be assured that their investments are safe at all times.

As a licenced broker, we first ensure that we follow all regulatory requirements while striving to deliver excellent and cutting-edge services and products. Integrity, transparency, and customer satisfaction are the vantage points that describe the quality of our practises whilst also highlighting our personnel’s knowledge and expertise when tackling assignments.

We understand that when you trade online, you are entrusting us with your personal information. Our goal is to ensure that the information you provide remains confidential and safe. Your financial and personal information will be kept completely private at NOVA CAPITAL We promise that your information will not be exchanged with third parties and that it will be used exclusively for the purposes for which it was collected.

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