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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 

Anti-Money Laundering Policy

We are  certified by ACAMS, the world's largest membership organization of professionals dedicated to combating financial crime.

Our AML Policy follows AMSC standards. (※Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists)


For more information on AML Policy, please click here:


Below are some important information regarding our AML policy.

Ⅰ General Concepts 

 Ⅰ-1. Risk-based approach .

 Ⅰ-2. Financial institutions’ AML/CFT measures 

    (1) ML/FT risk control framework 

    (2) Involvement and understanding of the Board 

  Ⅰ-3. Roles of industry associations and central institutions 

  Ⅰ-4. Supervisory actions 

Ⅱ   Risk-Based Approach

  Ⅱ-1. Risk-based approach 

  Ⅱ-2. Identification, assessment, and mitigation of risk

    (1) Risk identification 

    (2) Risk assessment 

(3) Risk mitigation .

    (ⅰ) Risk mitigation measures 

    (ⅱ) Customer due diligence (CDD) 

    (ⅲ) Transaction monitoring and screening 

    (ⅳ)Record keeping 

    (ⅴ)Suspicious transaction reporting (STR) 

    (ⅵ) IT systems 

    (ⅶ)Data governanc

(4)  Considerations when making cross-border transfers and similar transactions

    (ⅰ)(Cross-border wire transfers and similar transactions

    (ⅱ)Financing and extending credit involving trade-based finance 

(5) FinTech 

Ⅲ   Evaluation and Review of the ML/FT Risk Control Framework and its Effectiveness 


  Ⅲ-1. Formulation, implementation, evaluation, and review of AML/CFT policies, procedures and programs (PDCA)

  Ⅲ-2. Involvement and understanding of the Board 

  Ⅲ-3 The Board and control: three lines of defense 

    (1) First line of defense

    (2) Second line of defense 

    (3) Third line of defense 

  Ⅲ-4. Group-wide risk control framework 

  Ⅲ-5. Human resource development 

Ⅳ    Monitoring and Public Private Partnership 


  Ⅳ-1. Monitoring by the Financial Services Agency 

  Ⅳ-2. Public private partnership and cooperation with relevant authorities



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