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Nova | Offshore Private E-Banking 

Our Mission is to Maximize Client's Post-Tax Income. 

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About Nova

we're a private investment company , establised  by the indivisual partner with  unlimited liability .Our mission is to maximaise our client's post-tax income.Lilke traditional private banks , we don’t business with own capital risk , thus your capital is safe with us.

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What we do 

Family Office Survice

The ultimate concierge for the super-rich.Relational Ship Managers team up with tax planning accountants and lawyers to maximise after-tax income.Comprehensive services in asset management, wealth management, consulting, risk management, risk management, real estate, arts, and law.

Asset Service

To produce a clear result in terms of investment returns on the assets managed. Structuring specific services.

Cusody Survice

This term collectively refers to the business of acting as an agent for customers in the custody and management of securities.

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Who we surve

Our clients want the trusted  advisor who  can do properly  investment manegement and asset manegement for lifetime. And we want to be that trusted advisor for our clients.

Who to serve

Like a traditional private bank, only one relationship manager serves as a counselor, consultant, or coach to our client for lifetime.

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